Loaves and Fishes seeks volunteer to help with volunteer-tracking system

With only one paid part-time professional, Loaves and Fishes relies almost entirely on volunteers to cook, plate, and serve meals to our guests, who number more than 30,000 annually. Other volunteers are responsible for overseeing the program and for fund-raising from individuals and our foundation partners.

We are currently seeking to increase donations from our volunteers. To do so, we are seeking a volunteer willing to make a three-month commitment to identify a better donor-tracking system. Currently, mostĀ volunteers primarily schedule their time by email, which is kept on a Google Calendar.

Specific goals for the three-month commitment are as follows:

  • Review donor-tracking systems and present cost, setup, and operation requirements to the Loaves and Fishes board
  • With board approval, pilot and implement chosen donor management system
  • Provide instruction to Loaves and Fishes volunteers on its operations

Ideal candidates will have a solid understanding of databases and cloud solutions. A fund-raising background would be help.

If you are interested, please email Jason Lee Bakke at jason@loavesandfishesdc.org with your interest, skills, and a brief biographical cameo.

We look forward to working with you.

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