Thank You, Volunteers

As we approach the celebration of Easter, we here at Loaves and Fishes are reflecting on the blessing of our generous and inspiring volunteer community.

We recently spoke with three volunteers: Stephanie and Nyla Taylor, a mother and daughter volunteer team new to Loaves and Fishes, and Joe Kolar, who has been volunteering with the program for eighteen years.

Nyla (right), a junior at Bishop McNamara High School, initially came to Loaves and Fishes to fulfill a school service requirement, but now plans to continue to volunteer long beyond when her requirement is satisfied. Her mother, Stephanie, was inspired by the commitment of fellow volunteers and the respect demonstrated by all who enter the dining room and kitchen. She was most impressed in the quality of the food and the care and love put into preparing of each meal. “They [the volunteers] cook for hundreds and it can be an exhausting experience, but you don’t grow tired because you know what the cause is for,” she said.

joeJoe Kolar, who heads the team of monthly volunteers from St. Columba’s Episcopal Church, has found a welcoming and inspiring community at Loaves and Fishes. He commented, “It’s hard to be cynical when you spend time with people who are committed to helping people.” He praised the community enviornment at Loaves and Fishes, explaining how, “It expands your horizons. It expands your heart.”

It is clear that those in the dining room of  St. Stephen’s each weekend are not only people hungry for food, but also those who are hungry to serve. If you have any interest in becoming involved at Loaves and Fishes, please contact us.

Our volunteers can only continue to serve the hungry if we receive donations from supporters like you. Please donate $1,000, $500, $90, $60, $30, or another amount to help us keep serving nutritious meals to our guests. Any amount is appreciated. You donation has immediate and direct impact on feeding the hungry. For example:

  • $1,000 would cover a one month’s supply of chicken;
  • $1,500 will pay for one year of plates and utensils;
  • $400 will pay for one year of napkins;
  • $250 will pay for three months of vegetables;
  • $50 will ensure that fifteen hungry people have something nutritious to eat this weekend.

Thank you for supporting Loaves and Fishes in our mission to serve the growing number of hungry and homeless among us.

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